Our highly experienced, energetic team understands what it takes to drive real-world commercial success, having led more than 500 innovation and research projects across multiple geographies.


our team

With more than 40 years of combined innovation and strategy experience at leading companies including Procter & Gamble, McKinsey & Company, and ?What If! Innovation, founding partners Shelli Baltman and Fiona Stevenson bring the perfect combination of business-mindedness and creative thinking to every challenge. They’ve held leadership positions in Toronto, London, New York and Geneva, and have deep innovation experience spanning multiple sectors (including Beauty, Health Care, Food & Beverage, Retail, Financial Services) and geographies (North America, Europe and Asia) on some of the world’s leading brands. Shelli and Fiona are involved in every step of your project, ensuring the highest quality output. They design a customized team for every project, drawing from their exceptional local and global resources.

Every member of our high-energy in-house team shares a passion for deeply understanding the unmet needs, desires, motivations and trends that drive people’s behaviour, and turning them into transformative ideas and strategies with true business impact.

We also have a global network of thought leaders, experts and trend hunters, as follows:  

o  International network of creative thought leaders – Our carefully curated global network from diverse disciplines (innovators, graphic designers, digital designers, app developers, brand visionaries, creative directors and planners) will deliver ideas, designs and prototypes for your challenge.

o Panel of global subject matter experts– Our vetted panel of experts deliver expert perspectives on your customer, category or technical challenge.

o  Our global trend hunters– Our leading-edge trend hunters will conduct research safaris and/or shopping expeditions to find inspiring products and case studies inside and outside of your category and industry. 


our in-house team

Our team is made up of a passionate and energetic group of individuals, with each one bringing their vast experience and a unique perspective to your challenge. Learn more about them below.

Shelli Baltman   President, Founding Partner

Shelli Baltman
President, Founding Partner

Fiona Stevenson   President, Founding Partner

Fiona Stevenson
President, Founding Partner

Jenna Valera   Innovation Manager

Jenna Valera
Innovation Manager

Alex Glover   Innovation Director

Alex Glover
Innovation Director

Kit Simpson Browne   Office Manager

Kit Simpson Browne
Office Manager

Ashley Jones      Innovation Director

Ashley Jones
Innovation Director

Kate Summers   Producer

Kate Summers

Cassidy Miller   Innovation Intern

Cassidy Miller
Innovation Intern

Moira Stevenson     Art Director and Graphic Designer

Moira Stevenson
Art Director and Graphic Designer