Looking for insights into the next big thing? The Idea Suite offers a range of exciting, immersive and leading edge Trend Treks, both in our home city of Toronto and across the globe.


A Global Team of Local Experts

Our experienced innovation team works alongside local trend experts to lead you through a carefully crafted experience firmly rooted in your business objectives, and to offer you a unique glimpse into leading edge and emerging trends, with best in class service providers from start to finish.


Wherever, Whenever

Whether your team is looking to explore a cosmopolitan city like Toronto, London, New York, Los Angeles or Hong Kong, or to take a deep dive into an exciting emerging market, there are no limits to where our treks can take you.


Go Beyond the Obvious

We pride ourselves in offering truly unique and cutting edge experiences, and don’t cut any corners when it comes to discovering emerging trends, off-the-grid experiences and untapped expert advice. We take you beyond the guidebooks and the tourist trails, to where the next big thing is only just beginning to emerge.


Incredible Experiences, Actionable Outcomes

We work tirelessly to ensure that your team not only learns as much as possible, but also has a great time doing so. Meanwhile, our dedication to practical business outcomes ensures that we can turn everything that you see into useful insights and recommended actions for your business.


The Right Trek For Your Team

Whether you’re looking to engage with current marketplace trends, to take a look at what’s coming next, or simply to better understand a key market or demographic, each of our Trend Treks provides a completely bespoke and fully immersive experience, carefully tailored to your team’s specific objectives.

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