Looking for insights into the next big thing? The Idea Suite offers a range of exciting, immersive and leading edge Trend Treks, both in our home city of Toronto and across the globe.


Global Reach, Actionable Insights

Our global network of trend experts allows us to provide best-in-class Trend Treks wherever your company might need them, while our dedication to practical outcomes ensures that we are able to turn everything that you see into rich, actionable insights and recommended actions for your business.

The Right Trek For Your Team

Whether you’re looking to engage with current marketplace trends, to take a look at what’s coming next, or simply to better understand a key market or demographic, each of our Trend Treks provides a bespoke, immersive experience, carefully tailored to your specific objectives.


Wherever, Whenever

With a global team of experts and years of in-house expertise, you can be sure that wherever you want your Trek to take you, you’ll walk away with a unique glimpse of the city and trends in question — and some fantastic stories to tell.

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