Innovation Director

Chris Penner

What part of your job brings you the most energy? Why?

I love uncovering a new consumer insight that leads to unexpected growth.  It’s an incredible feeling to have that “wait…tell me more” moment, where you veer off script, and discover a powerful and actionable insight. 

What are the beliefs that drive the way you think/make decisions? 

Honesty always wins in the long run – if we’re honest with ourselves, our teammates, and our clients, we will inevitably be more successful together.

What are your favourite things to do outside of work?

I love to seek out new experiences - camp sites, restaurants, concerts, countries & baseball stadiums. I also love getting lost in conversation with friends, family, and the occasional stranger.

What would you put on a billboard?

“Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”


Chris - 34.jpg


  • Amazon Media Group - 2 years partnering with 10+ multinational CPG clients to build innovative, digital advertising solutions for their brands

  • Procter & Gamble – 5 years leading the marketing strategy and media planning for multiple beauty & home care brands; 3 years consulting for and managing key accounts on the Walmart team.

  • Queen’s University