Whether you need a creative venue for an ideation session, a focus group, or a team-building event, our suite has the capacity and flexibility to take your event to the next level.

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the main space

Our main space is bright, airy, and endlessly flexible - perfect for team meetings, living room-style focus groups, or simply hosting a group of coworkers or clients.



the board room

Light-filled, yet private, the board room is a perfect place to tackle your next big business decision in a relaxed and comfortable setting.



the kitchen

Full of clean lines and all of the essentials, the kitchen is well-equipped to host large-scale consumer taste tests and to meet your catering needs.



the reception

Capable of shifting from waiting room to working space in a heartbeat, the reception area is an open, cheerful and convenient access point to the rest of the space.

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the focus group room

A bright, flexible space designed to suit both traditional and informal focus group sessions, the focus group room comes with full audio and video recording capabilities, as well as remote streaming.

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the client viewing room

Comfortable, adaptable and private, the client viewing room is perfectly designed for viewing events taking place in the focus group room. It's fully equipped with a two-way mirror, dimmable lights, and a speaker system.


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additional information

Our creative venue and focus group facility is located in the heart of midtown Toronto just east of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue (745 Mount Pleasant Road, Suite 303) with several nearby indoor/outdoor parking options and a wide range of restaurants for every taste and budget. We are a full-service facility and our team will cater to your every need, from printing and binding to catering and hosting.  We look forward to hosting you soon!