A great idea is meaningless if it never comes to life. That’s why we design innovation programs that lead to real-world commercial success.

Our proven approach involves 6 steps:

Identification – Collaborating with you and your key stakeholders to clearly define your key challenge and the specific goals of your innovation program.

Insight – Focused, efficient consumer and shopper insight work leveraging best-in-class leading-edge and tried & tested qualitative, ethnographic and creative techniques to uncover unmet needs & desires and springy innovation insights.

Inspiration – We don’t believe in walking into an empty room to brainstorm. We believe that great ideas come from making uncommon connections, so we make sure that we bring best-in-class inspiration to your challenge.

Ideation – Our tried and tested creative tools & techniques have been proven in close to 500 projects over the past 15 years. We believe that great ideas happen when the right team comes together with the right methods, materials, and mindsets.

Iteration – Our experience shows that with innovation, the devil is in the detail. We believe that it takes multiple iterations with both consumers and the cross-functional business team to deliver concepts that will test brilliantly and perform in the real world.

Implementation – importantly, we ensure that you have buy-in from key stakeholders along the innovation journey and that your ideas are actionable. How often do ideas lose something in the execution? Working them through with cross-functional teams helps us get creative about execution options and overcoming implementation barriers.